What to Expect

General Appointment Info

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

First-time clients should arrive 5-10 minutes before their appointment to fill out a form.


You have decided to get a facial—awesome! Here’s some helpful information to make your experience amazing:

What do I need to do before my facial appointment?

Preparing for a facial is easy. Avoid exfoliating skin four days before your facial. Be ready to write down the current skincare products (and medications) you are using. Perform your normal skincare routine, with the exception of exfoliation. If that means coming in with makeup on, that is more than okay, the esthetician is happy to remove your makeup for you. There is no need to worry about your hair, it may end up looking a little wonky after your facial. Men should shave the morning of their facial appointment. Wear comfortable clothing—you will be lying down for 45 to 90 minutes.

What should I expect at my appointment?

When you enter the spa, you will be greeted, and if it’s your first time receiving a facial you will be given a form to fill out. Once you are finished, the esthetician will show you to your room and provide you with a towel and/or robe. You will be instructed to remove any clothing from the waist up (waist down is optional), put on the provided towel/robe, and lay down on the facial table. The esthetician will step out of the room to give you a few minutes to get ready, and will knock on the door before entering the room.

No matter what type of facial you choose, the service will begin with a skin evaluation to determine the right products for your skin type. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, and blemishes extracted. To see individual descriptions of what each facial entails please see our services page.

After the appointment…

After your facial is complete, the esthetician will leave the room to allow you to get dressed. You may leave your towel/robe on the bed. You can expect your skin to look and feel amazing. If you’d like, you can apply makeup afterwards—it will go on smooth like butta! 

How long do results last?

The instant healthy glow achieved from a facial should last about 48 to 72 hours. The long-term benefits of a facial should last 28 to 45 days. To achieve ongoing skin benefits, a facial should be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks.


What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Let your hair grow! Before any waxing appointment do not pluck, shave, etc. for at least a week. Hair should be about 1/4 inch (Basically, it needs to be long enough to grab with your fingertips). If your hair is coarse, hair length shouldn’t exceed ½ inch; if it’s too long use scissors to trim it. Due to increased sensitivity, women should avoid waxing within 4 days of their menstrual cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not perform Brazilian waxing for men at this time.

Will my hair grow back darker and thicker?

No! Just the opposite. Waxing causes hair to grow back thinner and less coarse—that means no more prickly and irritating feeling from shaved hair regrowth! The hair color will remain the same.

How long does waxing last?

This depends on individual hair growth cycles, the climate you are in, and the medications you take. Generally, waxing lasts from 2-6 weeks. Waxing on a regular basis will slow down hair growth—woohoo!

Will I be in pain?

Depending on the area, you will experience little to no pain. However, given that some areas are more sensitive than others, you may experience pain similar to that of a rubber band snap. Waxing is typically less painful than plucking, faster, and thesting subsides within seconds! After your appointment you may be little red and feel warm, but this will go away within the day.

Waxing can be intimidating especially with having to drop trou in front of a stranger if you’re getting your lower half waxed. If you are considering getting a Brazilian, to help ease your nerves, here’s a rundown of what the process is like:

At the time of appointment, yes, you will have to disrobe your lower half:

Don’t worry—you will be given a robe or something to cover up with so you don’t flash the place when your waxer slips back into the room. Now, as to how much and where the hair will be removed, there’s a little wiggle room here. You can opt for one of the following options:

  1. Going for a little “landing strip” which means you have just a bit left right down the center.
  2. Going totally bare. It’s up to you. Just let your waxer know your preference upfront.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the waxing itself:

The mechanics of this part are really basic. While you lay back, the goo (wax) is applied with a wooden spreader (looks like a sterile Popsicle stick) and a piece of cloth is placed over the top. Then while holding your skin taut, the waxer zips it right off— halleluiah, the hair is gone!

We are not going to sugarcoat it:

There will be a sting—some describe it as being snapped by rubber bands. In some spots you’ll barely feel it, while others sting more.

The sides and top portions will go first and then it’s onto the…uh…more tender portions. Yes, there is some waxing of the labia involved. And the waxer may have to adjust you here and there to get your skin taut. It’s not quite as awkward as it sounds, but we think it’s important you know beforehand.

A step that may surprise you:

Once your front area is done, your waxer will finish the backside. Depending on which position is best, you may be instructed to pull your leg up really high for this part. Or you may have to flip over on all fours. No matter which position, you will feel a little silly, but it’s over pretty quickly.

One last optional step:

The waxer may go back over and take care of any strays with tweezers. And that’s it! Total time: Anywhere from about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much hair and how stubborn it is.


In the days before your massage, drink plenty of water. Do not eat just before your massage. If this is your first time in, arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out a form. If you have a fever, skin irritations (e.g. sunburn, poison ivy), or if you are in the process of trying to stabilize your medication, you will need to reschedule your appointment.

What should I expect at the time of my appointment?

After you have completed your paperwork, the massage therapist will direct you to your room and ask you a few questions regarding your health and concerns. The massage therapist will outline what will happen in the session and then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level. When you are ready, you lie down on the massage table (don’t worry it’s cushioned!) and cover yourself with the sheet. The massage therapist will knock before re-entering. Make sure you are comfortable and let the massage therapist know if you are not. The massage therapist will never expose genitals or breasts, or any other area that makes you uncomfortable.

Nature sound effects or relaxing music will be playing in the room. Be sure to let the massage therapist know if you prefer different music or no music at all.

If you like to talk during the session or prefer not to, the massage therapist will follow your lead.

After the massage…

After the massage, the massage therapist will step out of the room to allow you to redress. A glass of water will be waiting at the front desk for you (it is important to drink plenty of water after a massage to flush out released toxins in the body).


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