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Eyelash Extensions

There are so many reasons why we love lash extensions!
The convenience of waking up looking fabulous offers more than just extra time & boosted confidence 24/7. Feeling good about the way we look is proven to affect so many areas of our lives. Whether gorgeous glam, natural beauty, or anything in between, let our experienced, detailed techs help customize your desired look.

Classic Lashes

For a natural-looking beauty enhancement, Classic Lash sets work wonders. Each single individual synthetic lash is applied onto a single natural lash to lengthen and thicken. This creates a beautiful set of natural lashes without the need for mascara that we’ve found impossible not to love!

Volume Lashes

When going for a glamorous look, a set of Volume Lashes offers next-level fullness by different sized handmade fan application. These lashes are sure to impress, without compromising natural-looking elegance!

Hybrid Lashes

For lashes that need a little oomph, Hybrid Lashes provide a fuller effect while maintaining a very natural delicate look. Single, synthetic lashes and handmade fans give the perfected boost.

Mega-Volume Lashes

Ditch moderation and astonish them all even at a distance! By applying large handmade fans to each natural lash, this dazzling look is sure to leave a lasting impression!


Fills and New Sets from $65 – $200

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