Day Spa Services

Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate shaving, waxing, & ingrown hairs for good!! Our advanced laser technology combines the comfort of cryogen bursts with each follicle-defying pulse! On average, an area of the body becomes hair-free in 6-8 sessions, with 1-2 touch ups per year following, depending on how many new hair follicles are formed. These sessions are quick & fit in with the speed of your life, lasting generally less than 15 minutes & returning you to a fresh & always-ready state!!


Our skilled & intuitive therapists specialize not only in a vast amount of drool-worthy techniques & modalities, but also in the customization of each session, meeting the needs & preferences of each guest. Let us melt away your stress, satisfy those aching muscles, & provide the results you’v been looking for.


Face forward! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa session or visible results, your skin will thank you for joining us! We offer a wide variety of facial treatments, & specialize in customizing each session for individual client needs & requests!


Visit our skilled & intuitive stylists for a fresh new do, a conditioning therapeutic treatment, or perfecting of your favorite look!


Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, burns of old-school waxing, and shaving! You won’t miss them at all!! Our standard use is an antibacterial, soft wax that’s top quality to protect & nurture your skin.

Permanent Cosmetics

Whether locking in your perfect look with permanent brows, eyeliner, lash enhancement, or lip color/liner, you’ll swim, sweat, and wake up beautiful every day!!

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Regrets? Artistry failure?? No longer are you stuck with unwanted tattoos & permanent cosmetics! Our NPM non-laser tattoo removal procedures safely & effectively removes ink & works with all skin tones, without the same risks of scarring, burning or hair loss, & has a reputation of much faster healing process with fewer treatments!

Chem Peels & Micro-Needling

For advanced skin care needs, we offer only the best!! SkinMedica Chemical Peels are nothing like the horrors of skin resurfacing of the past. Microneedling, also known as “collagen induction therapy”, is known to be safe for all skin types with no needed down-time for recovery!

Medi-Spa Services

While we offer all the plush treatments & cozy atmosphere for your spa day, be not deceived!! We’re also a medical day spa equipped with specialists, technology & a variety of services, products & specialists that boast proven results.

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