Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Regrets? Artistry failure?? No longer are you stuck with unwanted tattoos & permanent cosmetics! Our NPM non-laser tattoo removal procedures safely & effectively removes ink & works with all skin tones, without the same risks of scarring, burning or hair loss, & has a reputation of much faster healing process with fewer treatments!

Our method of reversing those unwanted regrets or mistakes are known to be every bit as effective, (if not more!) than methods of the past, without those risks. Our skilled tech was trained in Beverly Hills, CA, & uses a natural, patented solution consisting of Vitamin C & lactic acid to re-tattoo unwanted inked areas for partial or complete removal.

Our NPM solution works like a magnet, attracting pigment and removing it, and does *not* contain zinc oxide or any other white pigment, which is often added to removal solutions to create an “erased” look, attempting faster results, but this is actually a form of camouflage, which “covers” instead of erasing and eliminating the unwanted ink.

The formula we use causes the ink to actually be released & slough off through the healing process instead of breaking up the pigment particles, sending them back into the body to be processed through the lymphatic system as laser methods do.
Since the majority of inks are found to be packed with heavy metals & other toxic components, many are looking for a safer, healthier remedy.

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Prices range from $50 – $300 per session, per area

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